Replaced preview with the game

I have replace the preview for BiteMe!Twins Halloween Special with the game.

It is a rogue like game, in which you run for zombies, or fight them off. But... Don't get bitten! Once you're bitten, you will love 1% HP every second. And once you die, you die hard! If you have a blood pack in your inventory, you're safe. You will just wake up in your bed, as if nothing ever happened. But... If you ran out of blood packs, I will wipe all your saves, and replace them with NewGame+.

You will keep your story progress, and your weapons, your armor and your tools. If you have any. Also your currencies are safe. But other than that, you will have to start all over, back at level one. You will start where the intro ends, and don't have to get trough all the chit-chat again before you get to kill zombies again.

Every Wednesday and Sunday, I will update the game, for a year till halloween. Wednesdays, the story continues. You will get new quests, with new rewards. And on sundays, the level cap will go up, you will be able to learn new skills for one or more characters. The higher your level is, the more dangerous zombies become.

Whatever you, do not get bitten... How long can you survive?

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