A second try

I got a lot of awesome response on the original release of BiteMe!Twins. This was the halloween edition. 
However, I got some complaints too. People thought it was too hard, and the story was too long. And... well, the list goes on.
So I scrapped everything, yes everything, and I started over. I have build a new game, using the same map and story, but in a complete new style.

It starts with 1 important choice: Are you a p*ssy or a hero. If you select p*ssy mode, you will just be send to the title screen when you die. You can load your last saved game and play where you left off. But if you die in hero mode, your saves will be wiped, and replaced with a New Game+. You keep your weapons, your money and your story progress, but you lose everything else. Back to level 1, and start at the very first battle grounds.

Now, this was already the case, but everything else is new, I promise.

You get to select 3 different modes:

  1. Story mode: Find out what happened to you and your twin.
  2. Battleground mode: Complete objectives in different areas.
  3. Arenas: Kill zombies till you reach your target.

You need to play one mode, to unlock new scenes in the other. 

I will try to update the game every few days, adding:

  • At least 1 new scene,
  • At least 1 new battleground,
  • Max. 1 new arena,
  • New weapons, armor, skills.
  • Level cap raised by 1.

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