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Debug: You can now castle
It is now possible to castle. This is the move where the king moves two steps to the left or right, and the rook on that side moves to the other side of the kin...
Debug: Exchange pawns when reaching the other side
So, one of the 3 moves I forgot to event was to exchange a pawn for a better piece when reaching the other side of the board. I corrected this mistake. There is...
Debug: False check still
The false check was not solved, even though I improved the code. This time, I am pretty sure it works as it should. If any problems still happen, I'd love to he...
Debug: False check
I forgot to flip off a switch, which caused the engine to see false checks even if there was none. The problem should now be solved!...
The chess engine for MV is finished!
I didn't think I could do it, but I did! I made a player vs player chess game for RPG maker MV. And it didn't take me anywhere near as long as I expected. The g...

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