Colored areas are open

In this update:

  • Colored areas are open, but have no more then a few scenes per tile just yet.
  • More random loot.
  • Tweaked the stats of enemies. There are less powerful and more weak enemies.
  • Improves the wat random scenes are set up. Chances on seeing the same character, locations or scene twice in a short period are slim.
  • Couple new scenes

I have also removed 1 scene, the kissing scene. Since all characters are random, and some of them are "a nine year old boy" and "a sweet little girl",  a kissing scene would mean you might end up making out with a child. This was reason enough to scrap the kissing scene. 

Coming up next:

Each area holds a tournament. Win the tournaments to win the game. But uhm... I didn't make the tournaments just yet. So coming up next: Tournaments. And more random scenes for colored tiles.

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