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You pick one of the 20 keys. Each key opens a safe, and you get to try them all.

Try your key last. Lets see what in the other safes first.

After you open a couple of safes, I might offer you a deal. Did you open lots of safes with low amouth of money? Then I will offer more money for your key.

If you take the deal, you get the money you are offered... Keep refusing the deal, and you get the money in the safe.
(This is only a game... You don't get real money.)

NOTE: The game is fully playable, but not yet fully finished. I want to dress it up more. Add some graphics, make the game more appealing to play. The game itself will not change, the game is finished. I just want to make it prettier.

Release date Jul 24, 2019
Made withRPG Maker
Tagsquiz, RPG Maker
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LanguagesEnglish, Dutch
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Joystick, Touchscreen
LinksBlog, Facebook

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Fun game, thanks for sharing! Also interesting use of RMV!

I won about $37,000 for my original $25 dollar box - where do I cash out my winnings? :P

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Oh I am sorry... You didn't read the description. This means you are disqualified and you lose all winning. Better luck next time. :p
(In the description it says: "This is only a game... You don't get real money")

Glad you like the game. 

hey JohnDoeNews could you send me a couple cheat codes  bite me twins please Thank-You

Can I share cheat codes? Sure... Will I? Hmmm... Maybe. I will give you the cheat code, if you can answer those questions:

- Who broke the window when you first see a zombie?
- Who resurrected the twin?
- Why do the characters in answer 1 and 2 hate each other?

If you answer 2 out of 3 correctly I will share the cheats. How is that?

I do have one more question, though... How did it happen that you ask this in a reply here and not in a reply on BiteMe!Twins? :p 


>The first safe I opened contained $500,000

Well, that's a good start XD

Used to watch Deal or No Deal all this time, so this is pretty cool!

Sold my key for $26,256 after losing out on the big three, while the key I chose at the start contained... $50,000.

Oh well, 26K is still more than I have in reality :P

Whahaha. Any deal in the first round is more than I have in reality. Even if all the big prized are out right away. :) 

Thanks for your reply. It is nice to see the game is being enjoyed.