About upcoming chapter

First of all, thank you all for playing my game so much every day, for one and a half years now!!!

I know the intro is what got me most of my fans.  And yet, there will be a brand new intro. With a brand new story.
I wrote a few chapters that play before the old intro. Before John and Autumn meet.  The current intro is not lost though. It will be stored away, and used in a later stage of the game.

Other changes coming up:
- The quest journal is replaced with a more detailed version
- The quests themselves are rewritten
- Choices no longer have chance make individual NPC's angry or love you, but will gain or cost Karma.
- Karma will be a hidden stat, for the main character, and will affect how certain characters react. The player won't be ab;e to track this, but should notice a change in behavior of NPC's.

And there is more... But this was the most important part. There is one more note:

When you start the game, or load an excising save for the first time after the update, you will both start at the intro scene. And at first it will seem like you lost everything (Loot, gold, EXP, everything) and it will seem like you will start all over, but this is only temporary. When you get at the point where the characters meer, you will get it all back. But, this might be after a chapter or three...

Happy Holidays!!!!!

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