A downloadable graphics

Create your own in-game letterbox with these sprites!


  • YX12 3456
  • 7890 +-×÷
  • =%$€ #*#...
  • /\() <>[]
  • .,?! "":;
  • ♫♥_&

+ 4 Emoticons

All 72 characters come in:

  • 6 different colors
  • 2 different rainbow animations

The graphics are optimized to be used with RPG maker MV and MZ, but may be used in any kind of engine you wish, as long as given credits to JohnDoeNews.

When credit is given, please be specific about which parts you give me credit for. 

Install instructions

For RPG maker (mv or mz): 

Unzip the graphics and copy them into your \img\characters\ folder.

Use them as an event on your map. Check "Stepping animation" in the event itself, to activate an animation. 

Choose one of the 4 direction to pick which animation you would like to use. 
- 1st row is Down
- 2nd row is Left
- 3rd row is Right
- 4th row is Up

Or use one of the fully colored characters without stepping animation to have a steady image. 

Have fun! And don't forget to let me know what you made with this. 


JohnDoeNews_Lightbox_2021.zip 75 kB

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